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Wiki.js v2 BETA (Build 84)

A new build of Wiki.js v2 BETA is now available: Build 84.

What’s New

Additional Search Engines

This release includes 2 new search engines:

  • Algolia
  • Elasticsearch

Check out the docs for the setup instructions.

Bug fixes / Minor improvements

  • Fixed error when saving navigation in admin area
  • Fixed guest search failing because of missing global permissions
  • Fixed PostgreSQL search engine indexing issues
  • Improved search suggestions from sanitized content
  • Search engine deactivate handler is now being called on engine switch
  • Markdown editor UI improvements for insert actions (wip)

Breaking Changes

If you are using, or have used the PostgreSQL search engine at least once in the past, you must follow the following procedures to recreate the index tables correctly:

  1. Make sure the Database - PostgreSQL search engine is enabled. Select it and click Apply if that’s not already the case.
  2. Select the Database - Basic search engine and click Apply. This will trigger the deactivation procedure for the PostgreSQL engine, effectively dropping the index tables.
  3. Select the Database - ProgreSQL search engine again and click Apply. This will recreate the index tables correctly.
  4. Finally, click Rebuild Index to add all existing content to the index.

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